Cantankerous ex-Cultist

“I’m getting too old for this nonsense.”

Craggnor was found by the party in the basement of the hunting lodge on Mirtul 17th, 1489. A friend of Varram, he was captured and interrogated by Talis the White for three months as she sought information on her rival. After being freed, he has sworn off the cult and is eager to have nothing else to do with them, or the party, whom he sees as a group of bumbling, though lucky, idiots that are going to inevitably wind up dead.

Formerly a Dragonsoul in the cult, Craggnor was privy to a great deal of information in its inner workings. He finds himself in a peculiar position in that he thinks the party is doomed but he is nevertheless somewhat indebted to them for his life.

You understand that the cult is summoning Tiamat, right? And you understand that Tiamat is a god, right? The smartest thing you can do is get out of here and hunker down on another plane before you die.

Led the party to the village of Parnast before leaving, claiming that he’s going incognito in Baldur’s Gate.



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